Get SMTP Account from Your Hosting

Most of hosting provide SMTP feature, SMTP is an Internet standard for electronic mail (email) transmission. In simple word if you want to send email by system you need SMTP.

There are 4 data you need to get from SMTP feature, Host, Port, Username, and Password

I will show example from my hosting cpanel how to get that 4 data, I hope your hosting cpanel not too different with mine

1. go to you hosting cpanel http://your-domain/cpanel

2. Then find feature EMAIL > Select Email Accounts

3. Then Fill new email account data, please remember or keep the password

4. Then your account will be listed down below the account form > click Set Up Mail Client

5. We recommended you to use Non-SSL Settings, here the view will be shown, what you want to get from this information is host and port

Now we have 3 data that we need Host, Port, Username, and Password

NOTE : If your cpanel view or feature different with mine you can contact your hosting services how to get SMTP account from your hosting.





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