Import Eclipse project into Android Studio

Hi , for some developer it will little difficult move on from eclipse into android studio. because the hirarchy of project is different beetwen eclipse and android studio. Here I provide a tutorial to import your eclipse project to android studio. #PREPARE ECLIPSE PROJECT

1 Setting — Open your folder eclipse project, you can found file project properties in outside.

3 you must remove all line android.library.reference.1


  1. Open your android studio.
  2. Select Import Eclipse ADT, Gradle, Etc.
  3. Select your modified eclipse project
  4. Checklist all menu
  5. Your project ready


-For example google play services library :

In Eclipse, if we want to add Google Play Services to a project, we’ll simply import the play services project to workspace and add it as a library project. But in Android Studio, if you want to add play services, follow below steps.

Open your project’s build.gradle file and add below line under dependencies module. This will add all the Play Services APIs to your project.

dependencies {
compile ''

You can also selectively add the play services APIs which are necessary to your project.

The below will be add Google Analytics and Maps modules to your app.

dependencies {
compile ''
compile ''
compile ''

reference : androidhive

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